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Family tradition


László Szlezák

Master of bell-founding

Studied the craft under the bellfounder Ferenc Thuri along with his cousin Rafael. Later they separated and became independent. Rafael worked in Rákospalóta. László operated a foundry with around one hundred workers in Budapest on Petneházi street. It was the most productive Hungarian bellfoundry, its bells can be heard to this day. At the Paris World Exposition its bell won a gold medal. During the Rákosi era, bell casting was abolished and the factory was taken away.


Lajos Gombos

Master of bell-founding

Studied the craft under László Szlezák, who raised him. From age sixteen until nationalization he worked with László Szlezák. After nationalization he built a foundry in Őrbottyán, by this time László Szlezák was no longer alive. Numerous bells of his can be heard throughout Hungary. Until the end of his life bell casting was everything to him. He was an honorary citizen of Őrbottyán.


Miklós Gombos

Master of bell-founding

Studied the craft from his father Lajos Gombos. According to his mother, when he was born László Szlezák went to visit and he said that this child will be a bellfounder. He was right. Miklós Gombos’ greatest work was the carillon created for the Makovecz Pavilon at the Universal Exposition of Seville. He charmed not only the domestic but also the foreign market, thus the Gombos name became well known abroad as well. Bestowed upon him was the honor of being handed the Posthumus Honorary citizen award in memory of the bellfounder Rafael Szlezák in Rákospalóta in Budapest. Later Miklos himself became an honorary citizen of Őrbottyán.


Ferenc Gombos

I am studying the bellfoundry craft under my father Miklós Gombos. As a small child I started in my grandfather’s workshop. My work is to spread the fame of the Gombos name in bell foundry. That is why I am developing and expanding the workshop to meet the growing demands.

Our family tradition continues!


JR Ferenc Gombos

True, he is still a high school student, but already he has been infected with bellcasting. Now he helps with bellcasting during school holidays, and he gladly goes with his father, Ferenc Gombos to assess church bell towers.